Food From Heaven

An Organic Farm That Gives Back to the Community

Will’s Place is a nonprofit organization in Birmingham, AL doing business as MannaMarket Organic Food CO-OP. This project was established to support children and adults with special needs with on-site job skill training and teaching center based on the agriculture industry practice of organic farming.
Our organization accepts donations for our beneficiaries and their meaningful endeavor to independence. With the help of our generous donors, we also aim to mold members of the society who live with grace and faith in God and Jesus Christ.
Additionally, we are looking for job coach volunteers of different ages to join our good cause. No matter how old you are, you’re welcome to become a part of our growing family. The elderly have admirable wisdom from years of experience, while the young have endearing faith and vigor. If you have any questions about our membership, contact Robyn Mitchell at (205) 566-2533.